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    4 reasons why you should have an emergency fund

    Category: Personal Finances
    There are so many different reasons why saving up money for a rainy day is always a good idea. This money can help keep you afloat and allow you to pay your bills and expenses should an emergency situation ever come up. If you’ve put off saving, consider some of the following top reasons why […]
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    4 possible deal breakers to watch out for when house hunting

    Category: Housing
    It’s hard to find something that’s absolutely perfect and without flaws, and that includes a home. Prioritizing what you need in a home can help you narrow down your choices and find that near-perfect choice, and while it’s important to know what you want, you should also figure out what you definitely don’t want. Of […]
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    5 financial aspects of homeschool to consider

    Category: Education
    Have you thought about homeschooling your kids? With technology advances and all the different schooling options available nowadays, more and more parents are opting to just teach their children at home. Homeschooling your kids can also mean changes to your budget, too. In one way, it can mean spending more, but it could also potentially […]
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    How to find a job through a recruiter

    Category: Career
    These days, many open jobs are filled with the help of recruiters. If you’re in the market for a new job or you’re open to the idea of other opportunities out there that might be great for you, the following tips can help you connect with recruiters: What do recruiters do? A great deal of […]
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    An introduction to closing costs

    Category: Housing
    Are you tried of renting your home and want to take the first steps towards purchasing? Although purchasing your first home can be an exciting milestone, there’s also a lot to consider. It may not be as fun as house hunting and thinking about design choices, but it’s also important to consider the financial aspects […]
    Tags: closing costs, Mortgages
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    Saving money on your next cell phone

    Category: Personal Finances
    Are you in the market for a new cell phone? With some of the latest models available these days, a new cell phone purchase can easily set someone back a few hundred dollars—or even into the thousands. Replacing your cell phone doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and even if you’re looking to upgrade, there […]
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    How to pick the right bank for you

    Category: Personal Finances
    Whether you want to transfer banks or you’re opening up your first bank account, the options can be daunting and you might not know where to begin. The following are some points to consider when making your selection: Convenience Choosing a bank that is convenient for you is an important factor to consider. The location, […]
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    Why didn’t I get the job?

    Category: Career
    Did you recently apply for a job, and only to get passed over for another candidate? It can be baffling and frustrating, especially if you had an interview that went well. Although you may never know why exactly you didn’t get that job, some of the following are common reasons: A stronger candidate was hired […]
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    5 tips for reducing medical debt

    Category: Health
    Although excessive credit card use is one of the leading causes of debt, medical care doesn’t fall far behind. Even if you have adequate health insurance, the costs you might have to deal with can still be overwhelming. If you have a lot of medical bills and don’t know where to begin, the following tips […]
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    How to stage a home

    Category: Housing
      If your home is for sale, staging it is a very important part of the selling process, as it will appeal to more potential buyers this way. This goes beyond completely cleaning it and make sure it’s free of any dirt, grime, or odor. Before you host your first open house or show your […]
    Tags: home upgrades, Selling a Home, staging a home