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With all of the social media platforms on the web these days, it’s easy to connect with people in a matter of seconds. From coworkers to former classmates, social media has become one of the main ways to catch up with people from the past, while keeping in touch with family and friends. But social media is also a great tool for networking on a professional level, and can help you find other job opportunities that you may not have been able to find otherwise. The following tips can help you find jobs and opportunities using social media:

Make sure you have accounts with the main social media websites

You’ll want to make sure you have accounts created for all of the main social media platforms, including Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Most importantly, you’ll want to ensure you have a LinkedIn account, which is the social media platform that was designed primarily for networking on a professional level. With LinkedIn, you can link up with current and former employers and coworkers, classmates, professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and so on.

Be professional

When it comes to social media websites that aren’t specifically designed for professional networking, such as Facebook and Twitter, remember to keep your personal and professional profiles separate. Consider making different accounts that separate private things you share with family friends, from professional profiles that you use primarily for business opportunities only. And even on your personal profiles, always be careful with what you say and post. Even though it’s meant to be private, you never know who could end up seeing what you’ve shared, and so you must always ask yourself if you’d be comfortable with a potential employer seeing something you’ve written or posted.

Keep your profiles updated

Once you have created professional accounts for each social network, remember to always keep them updated with your job experience, education, skills, and so on. You’ll want to make sure to do this especially for your LinkedIn account, which is essentially like an online resume. Because many recruiters use LinkedIn as their go-to website for finding qualified candidates for open job positions, you’ll want to make sure your profile will grab their attention. 

Be active

Aside from keeping your profile up-to-date and connecting with individuals in your industry, it’s also important to be active so that you show up in peoples’ newsfeeds. This doesn’t mean making random posts, but rather providing useful and insightful information that is relevant to your industry. For example, you can share articles that you found interesting, or even create your own blog and share your own posts. Not only does this allow you to stand out amongst other candidates that recruiters might be following, but it shows that you have knowledge and genuine interest in your industry.


LinkedIn is a terrific way to reach out to and network with hiring managers, businesses, and recruiters near you. You can also follow businesses and industries you’re interested in by following their Twitter, Google+, and Facebook pages, as companies will frequently post about jobs on their social media pages. But remember to only connect with professional business pages—reaching out to a hiring manager on their private and personal page, for example, is not recommended.

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