6 high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree

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Although a college degree can be a great way to expand your education and possibly increase your earning potential, there is no guarantee that a college degree will automatically land you a high-paying job. At the same time, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t land a fantastic job with a great salary, even if you don’t have a college degree. The following are some high-paying* jobs that don’t require a college degree:


Although it may be required to pass certain exams and physical tests, in addition to a high school diploma (or GED) plus emergency medical technician (EMT) certification, a college degree is not required to become a firefighter. The entry-level education needed to become a firefighter is a high school diploma or equivalent.

Average yearly salary: $45,550


A college degree is not required to become a plumber, and most will have either a GED or high school diploma. However, most plumbers are required to be licensed and must receive specialized training, whether through a technical school or through an apprenticeship.

Average yearly salary: $46,660

Insurance sales

Although many people in the insurance field have college degrees, a high school diploma (or its equivalent) is the minimum requirement. Many people in this industry receive on-the-job training.

Average yearly salary: $46,770



*Compared to the median annual salary of $31,539 amongst those with high school diplomas as their highest education, as reported by the US Census Bureau

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