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These days, many open jobs are filled with the help of recruiters. If you’re in the market for a new job or you’re open to the idea of other opportunities out there that might be great for you, the following tips can help you connect with recruiters:

What do recruiters do?

A great deal of companies these days hire recruiting firms whenever they have a job they need to fill. The recruiters that work at these firms will do pretty much all of the work on the company’s behalf, right up until the final interview. This will usually mean posting job ads, reviewing resumes from applicants, reaching out to qualified candidates, and setting up interviews for their clients (the companies who hired them to fill the job to begin with). In some situations, you might also need an entry interview with the recruiter first. While some companies will use in-house recruiters to fill open jobs, many just hire outside firms.

Recruiters are almost unavoidable nowadays. And just because you might not be considered for a specific job you applied for, doesn’t mean that same recruiter can’t help you with other available opportunities. In fact, by reaching out to recruiters ahead of time, you could possibly be considered for available jobs before the ads are even posted online. They could bring a lot more job opportunities to your attention that you might not have found out about otherwise, and they can also save you a great deal of time that comes along with the job hunting process.

Contact them first

If you’re trying to find a new job, begin sending your resume to various recruiting firms in your city, while explaining the type of work you’re looking for. You might also need to be a little more specific and include things like salary requirements. You might also be required to come in for a meeting. Ideally, try to find recruiting firms that only staff for specific industries, assuming you find one that matches your skills, interests, and qualifications. For example, if you work as a programmer, try to find a staffing firm that only fills IT jobs.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters like using LinkedIn to find qualified local candidates for the jobs they’ve been hired to fill, and if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or it’s lacking a bit, you could be missing out on great opportunities that you’d be a perfect match for. Make sure your LinkedIn is completely up to date and is public, and that you can be found by your past jobs and location. You’ll also want to include buzzwords and skills that are relevant to your line of work so that your profile can be easily found.

Maintain a relationship

Whether you applied for a job you didn’t get, met with a recruiter so that you’d be considered for all available opportunities in your area, or one contacted you—don’t forget to stay in touch with that recruiter. Ideally, build relationships with a few different recruiters from various recruiters in your area. Stay on top of available opportunities by checking in now and then, and asking. You don’t want to be too persistent, but you don’t want to be forgotten about, either. Make a good, lasting impression with the recruiters you do interact with, and remember to maintain that professional relationship.

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