4 ways your LinkedIn account and résumé should differ

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It’s easy to think of LinkedIn as simply an online version of a standard résumé. While the two do have similarities, there are also some ways in which the two should differ.

1. Résumés are restricted to just one or two pages. But with a LinkedIn account, you can include a profile summary of up to 2,000 characters. Additionally, there is no limit to the length of your profile, so be sure to take advantage of the lack of limitations—as long as what you include is relevant to your job search.

2. LinkedIn is, after all, a social media platform. Unlike the formal language of a résumé, it is acceptable to speak in the first person on a LinkedIn profile.

3. A résumé is a text-only document, whereas a LinkedIn profile can contain links to your work, online portfolio, and more. You can also include photographs, your headshot, PowerPoint visuals, and so on. Be sure to take advantage of LinkedIn’s capabilities for showcasing your work and talents.

4. Usually, you send your résumé out to specific companies and people. But with a LinkedIn account, you can become “searchable” for anyone looking for candidates with skills and experience that match what you have on your profile. As such, jobs in which you didn’t even know existed may be brought to your attention. Rather than trying to create a text-only document that is appropriate for a specific position, your LinkedIn account can offer potential employers a clearer view of your knowledge, interests and experience. It is important to include relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile so that potential employers can find you just by doing a quick search.

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