Why didn’t I get the job?

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Did you recently apply for a job, and only to get passed over for another candidate? It can be baffling and frustrating, especially if you had an interview that went well. Although you may never know why exactly you didn’t get that job, some of the following are common reasons:

A stronger candidate was hired

You may have been in the running for the job, and at one point, you may have even been the top choice. But another candidate may have been a little stronger, even in just one particular area—whether it was education, experience, or an interview that went better. Whatever the reason may be, remember that the job market is competitive. Even if you didn’t get the job, it doesn’t mean you weren’t seriously considered.

They promoted within

When a new position opens up, many businesses will skip the whole process of posting job ads and interviewing candidates, and just opt for promoting an existing employee. After all, this saves time, money, and the position goes to somebody who is already familiar working with the company. Usually this will happen from the get-go, but sometimes, it can happen after all outside candidates have been interviewed and someone already working there decides to submit an application, or recommend someone they know personally for the position.

The job no longer exists

What was once an available job may no longer exist, and it may not been necessarily because it was filled, either. There could be a number of reasons why this might happen, such as budget reasons. The company may have realized prior to making you an official offer that they actually can’t afford to take on a new employee, and were able to split the required tasks amongst several other already existing employees.

You’re overqualified for the position

You may not have gotten the job simply because your experience level was too extensive for the job you applied for. If your salary requirements are higher for the position posted or taking the job you applied for would just be taking a huge step backwards, then it could be a good reason why you weren’t called back.

Your background

There’s a lot that companies can find out about potential employees nowadays, and you might have been the top candidate until something from your background potentially revealed something that made them have second thoughts. This could be past criminal or credit issues, or it could even be something minor, such as your public presence on the Internet. If you haven’t already, search your name online and see what comes up on public social media profiles and other websites. If it’s not the type of thing you wouldn’t want an employer to see, get rid of it.

You just need to wait

It may seem like it’s been a while, but maybe a decision still hasn’t been made yet, and you’re still a strong candidate for the position. This can be especially the case if you were one of the first people interviewed for the job and they still have many more interviews to get through.


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