Pros and cons of switching to a car share service

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More and more cities throughout the country are offering widespread car share services, which can allow drivers to pick up and drop off a vehicle from one of many locations. With the costs of car ownership becoming overwhelming for many, more people are deciding to sell their cars and primarily use a car share service in conjunction with other transportation methods. If your city has ample locations for picking up and dropping off a vehicle, you might have considered doing the same thing. The following are some of the pros and cons to consider:


No car payments

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of switching to a car share service is that you won’t have to worry about large monthly car payments. This is often the tipping point for many when they decide to sell their car and switch exclusively to a car share service.

Parking fees

Parking is another deciding factor for many. If you live in the downtown area of a major city, there’s a good chance that the building you live in charges a monthly fee that practically matches (or even exceeds) your monthly car payment. For others, they aren’t even offered the option for parking due to unavailability. Many in this situation are forced to explore other transportation options, and a car share service is often an appealing option.

Gas and insurance

Depending on the car share service you go with, you might not need to worry about insurance premiums or gas costs, as these fees are all included in the car rental price.

Maintenance and repairs

It can be very costly, not to mention stressful, to keep up with routine car maintenance and to make certain necessary repairs. But when you don’t own or lease a car anymore, you no longer have to worry about the expenses or hassles associated with maintenance or repairs. From regularly scheduled oil changes to needing new tires or repairing extensive damage—these issues all become a thing of the past when you switch exclusively to a car share service.


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