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It’s imperative for any consumer to thoroughly look through their credit report on a routine basis—at least once a year at an absolute minimum. Not only should you monitor your credit overall, but you’ll want to look carefully at the individual items on your credit report and see what it is exactly that is affecting […]

Public records—which are issued by federal, county, and state governments—are legal documents that anyone can access. Some public reports can appear on your credit report, and as a result, can have a negative effect on your credit score while they’re there (usually seven to 10 years, depending on the item). The following are the examples […]

There is so much that relies on that three-digit number that is known as your credit score. Poor credit can make it difficult to qualify for small loans, such as low-limit credit cards, or larger loans, such as mortgages. In some situations, poor credit can even affect certain job opportunities, and it can also affect […]

Debt can usually be classified as either unsecured or secured. Whether you’re just establishing your credit for the first time, or you’re working on a plan to eliminate current debts, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the two: Secured debts Secured debts are loans that are secured by assets, which is also known as […]

       There are some common misunderstandings when it comes to credit, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the different information that is out there. If you are just establishing your credit for the first time, it can be especially unclear as to what’s factual and what isn’t. This article debunks some […]

  A lot of things significantly depend on what your credit report says—decisions about housing, loans, and sometimes even jobs. A credit report includes information about credit accounts and loan history, but these are some credit report facts that many people are surprised to learn: Paid accounts might not appear on your credit report While […]

  Have you noticed that your credit score has dropped and you just can’t figure out why? Missing loan payments may be an obvious reason, but the following are some other reasons why your credit score may have suddenly dropped: Hard credit inquiries Applying for a line of credit—such as a credit card, mortgage, or […]

The option to freeze a credit report has been made available to consumers as a way to stop a credit reporting bureau from releasing your personal credit information and history without your permission. Commonly known as a security freeze, this is usually done when a consumer suspects that he or she is at a high […]

It’s a common question that many soon-to-be newlyweds ask themselves: will our credit be combined? And if my new spouse has poor credit, how will this affect the great score I currently have? The news is good if you have a great credit score and you’re marrying someone who may have a lower one: their […]

Here are some tips for asking your lenders to raise your limit if you’re ready to take on the financial responsibility of increased credit: Don’t ask for too much If you ask for too much of an increase, your account is likely to get flagged and you won’t get anything at all. It can be […]