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  If you’re looking to establish your credit, one of the first steps that most people will take is to apply for a credit card. Applying for first your credit card can be exciting, but as someone who is unfamiliar with credit cards, it can also be easy to make mistakes during the process. Additionally, […]

Are you considering a department store credit card? Before you decide to apply for a department store credit card, you’ll want to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of these types of credit cards. Because you want to avoid opening up too much credit and every credit inquiry can be a negative mark against your […]

Whether you’re looking for your first credit card, or you’re looking for a replacement credit card, it can be overwhelming to know what to apply for with all the different options out there. Although your options may be limited if you have poor credit, the following are features you’ll want to keep an eye out […]

 If your credit card debt is overwhelming, one way to make your debt more manageable is by paying less in interest and more into your principal balance. Even if you don’t have a substantial amount of charges on your credit card, paying less in interest charges can bring you closer to being debt-free. Some of […]

Responsible credit card use is one way to build and maintain good credit, which is essential in order to qualify for a larger loan, such as a mortgage loan. However, there are other ways you can work on building your credit. If you find yourself doing any of the following, you may want to steer […]

If you’re trying to bounce back from a bad credit score, you may have heard that responsibly using a credit card is one of the best ways to help build your credit back up. But if you’re like a lot of people who are trying to improve their credit, you may want to just avoid […]

Did you know that you can settle your credit card debt by more than half of what you owe? Depending on how old the debt is, you might even be able to settle thousands of dollars of credit card debt by just paying a couple hundred dollars. Although your credit score will likely still be […]

Have you noticed an incorrect charge on your most recent credit card statement? Whether the amount is incorrect, or the charge is completely unauthorized, it can be frustrating to deal with such an error. Sometimes, it’s an honest mistake on the merchant’s part—other times, it may be fraud, especially if your credit card information got […]

A credit card can be very useful for building credit and for financial success, yet at the same time, credit cards are often a major culprit for debt and bankruptcy. This article highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with owning and using a credit card. Credit card advantages: 1. They can simplify […]

If you’ve fallen behind on your credit card payments, you’re not alone. Even if the minimums are somewhat low, having multiple accounts with bills coming in month after month can eventually be overwhelming. You may miss a few bills here and there, and then before you know it, the costs have added up and you’re […]