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If you plan on buying or leasing a car, auto insurance is an unavoidable expense. There are a lot of factors that determine your car insurance rate, and for a lot of drivers, their premium is almost as much as another car payment! But here are some ways you can save money on car insurance, […]

  Most people rely on the income from their jobs to take care of bills and other necessities. But certain illnesses, accidents, and disabilities can make it difficult, or even impossible, to work. Disability insurance is meant to provide protection in case something like that were to happen, and many people have found their disability […]

  Whether you’re buying a car for the first time or you’re thinking about changing your policy, it’s helpful to know more about the common types of car insurance that are available. Some policies may be required as the bare minimum in your state, whereas others are optional and offer additional protection, if you prefer. […]

Certain types of insurance policies can be a wise investment and can help prevent you from substantial financial loss later on down the road—not to mention, some types of insurance are required by law. But what types of policies are the ones you might be able to avoid purchasing completely? The following are some types […]

The following are some types of insurance you might not need at all: Identity theft insurance These days, the possibility of having your identity stolen is a valid concern, but you still might not need an insurance policy that exclusively protects against such an incident. For the same reason that credit card fraud insurance is […]