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Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. Depending on the extra fees, you may either want to shop around for a different product or service, or there might be an error that you need to […]

  If you pay your bills each month without looking at the individual charges, or make purchases without reading the fine print, you might be paying extra for additional (or hidden) fees. Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly […]

A cluttered home isn’t just unsightly, but it can actually be costing you money. The following are some ways you can save some cash by giving your home a thorough cleaning: Storage units Although the price will vary depending on the size of the unit, the location, and whether it’s temperature-controlled, the average cost of […]

Reading is a great hobby to have, but the cost of new books can quickly add up. Who says reading has to be expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Instead of heading to the bookstore and purchasing your next book, try some of the following tips for getting free books:  Get a library card Your […]

  There’s nothing like a delicious cup of coffee to jumpstart the day. But if this is something you make a habit out of, have you ever thought about how much the cost adds up? This will vary based on a lot of things, such as how many cups you have, how often you drink […]

  If you have things you want to get rid of, you generally have a few options. You can donate them to charity, give them to a friend or a family member, or just toss them completely if you feel they have no value. But if you’re looking to make some extra cash, why not […]

If you’re thinking about selling some of your things on Craigslist to make some extra money, here are some tips: List just about anything you plan to get rid of Even if you have an item that’s broken and completely useless to you, think twice about tossing it and list it on Craigslist first, as […]

When a taxpayer hasn’t paid his or her tax debt, then the government will often put a tax lien on some or all of the individual’s property. Depending on the specific situation, this can happen on the federal level, local level, or the state level. Tax liens and your credit Aside from potential legal implications […]

Where to tip, who to tip and how much to tip—it can all be a bit mind-boggling. Although it is entirely up to you to tip what you want and when you want (you may want to tip above and beyond the norm for exceptional service), this guide can help steer you in the right […]

The following tips and tricks will still allow you to throw the Halloween party you envisioned, but for a fraction of the cost: Shop at the dollar store Not only can you get some good quality Halloween decorations at the dollar store, but you’ll usually be able to find other basic party essentials, such as […]