How to throw a child’s birthday party on a budget

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Celebrating your child’s birthday is a joyous occasion and precious milestone, but a restrictive budget doesn’t mean that you can’t throw an unforgettable birthday party that they’ll absolutely love. The following are some ways to throw a fun child’s birthday without spending a fortune:


Postal mail invitations do have a nice touch, but the cost can easily add up—whether you print them and mail them yourself or have a company do it for you. In today’s technologically advanced world, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending invitations online. Not only is it faster and more convenient, but it’s completely free.


Skip the one-stop party suppliers, as you’ll likely pay top-dollar. Instead, opt for bargain department stores and dollar stores for the same decorative options. Alternatively, make it a fun arts and crafts project that you and your child can work on prior to the party, and create your own party decorations from scratch!


Some of the perfect settings for parties are completely free to use. Try a public park, the beach, or even your own backyard if you have ample room.


Inviting the entire 2nd grade might not be practical, so instead, set a fixed amount and tell your child to invite only his or her closest friends.


Instead of buying all that food, make it yourself! There are easy and fun recipes for food that the kids will love, and that are also inexpensive to make. You could also suggest a pot luck-style party, in which each guest brings their favorite dish.

The cake

A large cake from a bakery can be expensive, so consider making your own if you’re good at baking. Another fun (and cheaper) alternative is birthday cupcakes.


No child’s birthday party would be complete without entertainment! But if Bobo the Clown or Jake the Magician is a bit out of your price range, explore your other options for cheap (or free) entertainment. Instead, play a game: put a new twist on a board game you already have, or make up your very own challenging game that the kids will have fun with.

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