How to save money on Thanksgiving dinner, continued

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Here are some ways to cut down on the costs for this year’s Thanksgiving feast:

Shop locally

Although your local commercial supermarket can provide some great deals for your Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll often find the best bargains for produce at your local farmer’s market. In addition to any fruits or vegetables you’ll be cooking up, the farmer’s market can also be a great place to buy some of your herbs and other ingredients to make your side dishes. 

Generic brands

If you need to stock up on spices and other ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, purchase generic. When it comes to things like salt, for instance, a generic brand will likely taste the same, but it might be half the cost. 

Frozen and canned versus making things from scratch

There are some things that will be a lot cheaper to make from scratch (e.g. gravy) and yet others might be much cheaper to simply buy frozen, such as pies. It might also be cheaper to buy canned side dishes, such as cranberry sauce, instead of making your own. Canned and frozen foods are often cheaper when you’re feeding a smaller group, but making your side dishes from scratch might cost a lot less if you have a lot of people coming over. Make a list of all ingredients that are needed to make your menu items, and compare the cost of any ingredients you’ll need to buy with the cost of pre-made items, to see if one option is far cheaper than the other. Be sure to check your grocer’s circular for sales and combine any current promotions with coupons, to receive optimal savings. If the cost is about the same, but it’s a dish that takes a long time to make from scratch, you might just be better off purchasing the canned or frozen version.

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