How to save money on Thanksgiving dinner

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It’s the time of year once again where we gather with our loved ones and give thanks to all that we are grateful for. And while Thanksgiving dinner is often much anticipated, it can also be quite expensive, especially if you’re feeding a large group of people. Here are some ways to cut down on the costs for this year’s Thanksgiving feast: 


If you’re inviting friends or family members outside your household to join you for this year’s dinner, ask them to bring an item of his or her choice. Potluck Thanksgiving dinners are not only a great way to save money, but they allow everyone to contribute their favorite Thanksgiving dish to the meal. 

Boxed wine

If you’re serving wine with Thanksgiving dinner, buy a box, instead of individual bottles. Although this provides less variety, you’ll see a big difference in cost. And when it comes to taste, some will arguably claim that there isn’t much (or any) difference.

Make efforts to not waste food

It can be tempting to cook every Thanksgiving staple side dish there is, but food is bound to go to waste if you cook too much of it. Cut down on the cost of your dinner by eliminating some items from your menu completely. If you still have leftovers, offer to package some of it for any guests and utilize some of the leftovers in your own household for dinners and lunches throughout the week.


Although a heritage turkey may be a tempting option for a gourmet Thanksgiving supper, they also tend to be the costliest, at an average cost of $10 or more per pound. Instead, go to your local supermarket for your turkey, where the average cost is approximately $2 per pound.

And if some of your guests are vegetarians, or have other dietary restrictions, consider nixing the turkey altogether for a healthier and cheaper option. If you need some inspiration for an alternative centerpiece roast, consider a butternut squash, a vegetable loaf, a tofu turkey, or a veggie potpie.


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