6 tips for cutting down on gym membership costs 

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Whether you’re shopping for a gym membership for the first time, or your current contract is almost up, being active and fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some of the following tips can help you can cut down on the cost of your monthly gym membership:

Pay upfront

If you know for certain you can commit to a gym membership for a year and that the money won’t go to waste, ask if you can get a better deal by paying for the entire year upfront, instead of month-to-month. They may willing to waive initiation or start-up fees, or just offer a lower rate on your membership overall.

Ask about price matching

Did you find out about a great promotion or deal at another gym nearby, but it’s just not your first choice? Ask your top choice if they are willing to price match this offer, or offer something even better.

Sign up at the end of the month

Salespersons at gyms often have monthly membership quotas to meet, and if the end of the month is approaching and they still haven’t met them yet, you’ll have the upper hand. Although membership prices may be firm no matter what, the odds will be more in your favor if you try to negotiate at the end of the month.

Refer someone

If you know someone who is also looking to sign up for a gym membership, refer him or her to your gym. If your gym has a referral program, you may receive a free month, free classes, discounted personal training sessions, or other perks.


Gym membership prices can vary greatly, and you may be paying a lot for your membership because your facility has brand new equipment, offers dozens of classes, and has convenient hours for members. But if you’re perfectly fine with a no-frills facility, consider shopping around and checking out some of the older gyms in your area. Smaller, basic gyms can still provide you with a great workout, but for a fraction of the cost.

Check with your health insurance carrier

Some health insurance plans will offer free or discounted fitness classes, gym memberships, and workout sessions. If you have health insurance, contact your insurance carrier to find out if any of these perks are included with your policy.

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