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Many of us depend on prescription drugs to some degree, whether it’s medications that make certain conditions more bearable, or medications that are needed in order to stay alive. Without health insurance, paying out-of-pocket for necessary medications can be a hardship because of their expense. While many prescription drugs carry some sort of jaw-dropping price tag, the following are some medications that are the most expensive to purchase.

Soliris, used for treating hemolysis
Yearly cost: $409,500

Folotyn, used to treat certain kinds of cancer
Monthly cost: $30,000 per month

Myozyme, used for treating Pompe disease
Yearly cost: $100,000 for children, $300,000 for adults

Ceredase/Cerezyme, used for treating Type 1 Gaucher disease
Yearly cost: $200,000

Elaprase, used for treating Hunter syndrome
Yearly cost: $375,000

Cinryze, used to prevent HAE attacks
Yearly cost: $350,000

ACTH, used for treating spasms
Cost: $300,000 for two course of treatment

Fabrazyme, used for treating Fabry disease
Yearly cost: $200,000

Aldurazyme, used for treating mucopolysaccharidosis I (MPS I)
Yearly cost: $200,000

Naglazyme, used for treating Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome (MPS VI)
Yearly cost: $365,000

Arcalyst, used for treating Muckle-Wells Syndrome or Familial Cold Auto-inflammatory Syndrome
Yearly cost: $250,000

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