7 tips for getting the best sale price for your home, continued

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Here are some ways you can get the best possible sale price for your home: 

Weigh commission options

Real estate agents will traditionally charge a 5 or 6 percent commission on the home’s final sale price, which is then split between the buyer’s agent and the selling agent, though many listing agents frequently divide their cut with their brokerage. If you are set on having a real estate agent sell your home for you, you can attempt to negotiate for a lower commission. Bear in mind, however, that if an agent does agree to a lower commission, your home might become a lower priority. But you should always shop around and speak to multiple agents to see what their initial commission fees are, plus how low they might be willing to go, and you might end up getting more for your home in the end.

Work with local real estate agents

If you’re working with a real estate agent, you’ll be more likely to get a good deal on your home if you work with someone who is an expert on the area. A local real estate agent might have exclusive information on transactions that are currently in the works, which is a key factor in pricing your home.

When talking to different real estate agents in your area, ask about the pricing of their recent property sales, and find out if they sold for asking price, more than asking price, or less than asking price. 

Set a deadline

Although it’s important to be patient when trying to sell your home for the best price possible, you don’t want it to be on the market for too long, either. One approach that can help attract multiple bids is to require that any offers be made within the first couple weeks that the property is for sale. Coupled with hosting an open house event, this strategy works best on properties that are priced competitively.

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