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Luxurious home with well kept lawn, and green exterior paint.


If your home is for sale, staging it is a very important part of the selling process, as it will appeal to more potential buyers this way. This goes beyond completely cleaning it and make sure it’s free of any dirt, grime, or odor. Before you host your first open house or show your home to the first potential homebuyer, be sure to do the following:

Put away personal items

Unique décor and framed family photos that capture happy memories throughout the years—these are the little touches that make a house into a home. But when you’re showing a home for sale to a potential homebuyer, you can no longer show it as your home, but rather, a home that is in between owners. Buyers need to picture themselves in your home, and if there are too many personal things around, it can be difficult for them to do this. Think neutral colors and simple décor—the type of decorating you might see if you were looking at a model home or apartment. The plainer, the better; you can also use catalogs for inspiration.

Clean the walls

Even when you thought you’ve cleaned your home inside and out, there is often one part of the home that many homeowners overlook: the walls. If you have light walls, especially, stains and dirt on the walls can make the home appear somewhat dull. Brighten up your home by cleaning these stains, and painting over the stubborn ones that are impossible to get rid of. It may seem minor, but once you clean up the walls throughout your entire home, you’ll notice that it appears even cleaner and more polished.

Don’t overlook the importance curb appeal

First impressions are always important, and of course, this is no different for someone looking to purchase a home. Without great curb appeal, some homebuyers might not even bother getting out of their car. Make sure driveways and siding is clean and focus on the landscaping. While you don’t have to do anything too elaborate, just a few plants or flowers can really make your home pop with color.

Simple upgrades can go a long way

You may not want to invest in extensive renovations when you’re about to sell your home, but shelling out the extra cash to replace certain things can go a long way. For example, if you have a very outdated kitchen, consider upgrading some (or all) of the appliances only, or just staining the cabinets. Unless your entire home is a complete fixer-upper, making these simple upgrades can go a long way when it comes to selling your home for buyers uninterested in making their own upgrades and renovations.

Choose lighting carefully

Rooms that are not lit well or have harsh lighting might not give off that “homey” feeling, so be selective when it comes to the lighting. Let in natural light by leaving blinds and curtains open, and in darker areas of the home, use light bulbs with a soft glow.

Don’t forget about the closets 

This is another thing that is frequently overlooked when homeowners clean and organize their homes in preparation for open houses and home showings. Most homebuyers will want to see the insides of the closets so that they can see just how much closet space they’d be getting if they purchased your home. If your closets are very messy, unorganized, or stuffed, it can be an instant turn-off and make the spaces look smaller than they really are. Instead, keep closets only about 50 percent full, so that they don’t look cluttered and so that potential buyers can see the spaces easier.


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