Preparing your home for retirement

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Retirement usually means a lot more time will be spent at home, and it can be easy to overlook certain things that all soon-to-be retirees should prepare for. As you approach your golden years, make sure that your home is “retirement ready.”

1. Think about the entrances to your home: are there any high steps, which can make it easy to slip and fall? Is there a way to make the doors to your home more accessible?

2. If you have flooring that can easily become slippery and make it easy for falls (such as hardwood or marble) consider switching to safer flooring, such as carpeting.

3. Your bathroom might need a makeover so that daily tasks, such as showering, will be easy throughout your retirement years. For example, consider a sit-in and/or no-step shower.

4. If you don’t have one already, install a security system. This may not only protect your home’s belongings, but it can potentially save your life.

5. For those who cannot drive or live in areas that are prone to traffic congestion and harsh weather conditions, consider getting exercise equipment for the home. This can help you get your daily exercise in without a trip to the gym.

6. A power generator may be a good investment and could come in handy.

Retirement can be an exciting time, but preparing for it can be stressful. For some, money is what often stands in the way of their retirement. If you are receiving structured settlement payments, but they aren’t enough to help pay your bills and expenses, or you need cash now to make a large purchase, Peachtree Financial Solutions can help. With an annuity buyout transaction, you can receive the lump sum payout you need to have the retirement you’ve always dreamt of. Contact Peachtree Financial Solutions if you have questions about how the annuity buyout process works and to get started today!

Nothing above is meant to provide financial or tax advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.

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