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With rent costs skyrocketing all around the country, more and more people have been forced to downsize when it comes to their apartments. But there are ways to make a smaller space work for you if you decorate it the right way and take advantage of your many creative storage options.

Go vertical

If your place is lacking in square footage, take advantage of your walls for storage, thereby maximizing your space. This can be especially beneficial if you have high ceilings. Whether it’s a magnetic spice rack, vertical garden or wall shelves for extra storage and decoration potential, going vertical can be your solution for a small space problem.

Maximizing your bathroom space

If you’ve got a small bathroom, but a lot of empty wall space around your toilet, consider a storage shelf that fits perfectly above it. This is a popular choice when it comes to storing toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

Take advantage of doors

The interior of a door (for instance, the doors of your kitchen cabinets) can be the perfect spot for a mini-shelf, which can help you to store tons of kitchen items and freeing up more space. When it comes to decorating, consider using the inside of doors (preferably ones that aren’t used often) to hang up art.

Mount your television on the wall

Consider mounting your television on the wall so that you can free up the space it’s currently taking on your television credenza or entertainment system. This is another example of how you can take advantage of decorating vertically in order to free up the space in your home.

Re-think your furniture

A compact sofa and a couple of small accent chairs might seem like the ideal solution, but fewer (yet bigger) pieces will often look better and be more practical when it comes to smaller spaces. Instead of decorating your living room with multiple small pieces, consider utilizing just a couple larger pieces instead. Just be wary of pieces with large chair arms, as they tend to take up unnecessary amounts of space.

Expand your closet space

Not nearly enough closet space in your apartment? Double what you’ve got by purchasing and installing a second closet rod.

Switch to a murphy bed

If you need a second bed in your home or you live in a studio apartment and don’t like the idea of your living room always looking like a bedroom, consider a murphy bed. A murphy bed pulls out from the wall and nobody will ever notice that it’s there when it’s not pulled out, and it will free up a ton of space in your apartment. As a bonus, many murphy beds also double as stylish (and handy) storage pieces during the day.

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