Tips for handling a case of identity theft, continued

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Once someone finds out that they have targeted in a case of identity theft, they use some of the tips listed above to prevent any further damage to their credit record, and to hopefully reverse some of the credit damage that has already been done. Alas, not all cases of identity theft are resolved easily, and some individuals wind up paying for (literally and figuratively) the wake of financial destruction that has been left behind.

Identity theft victims usually take a huge hit to their credit record, which can take a long time to fix. But one of the first steps to repairing your credit is the pay off any outstanding balances and charges. Many credit card companies are willing to work with people that have become victimized by identity theft. You may be able to resolve an account by paying only a small percentage of the charges that were made. By paying off as much as you can, you have the opportunity of possibly improving your credit score much sooner than later. Be sure to speak with your lenders and find out what kind of deals they are willing to offer you.

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