How to cut down on dining out costs

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Dining out can be expensive, and it can definitely add up. However, it is one of those expenses that can easily be adjusted, unlike fixed expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments. While completely eliminating restaurant visits isn’t always realistic, there are some simple ways to cut down on your dining out costs.

Purchase gift cards at a low cost

Various websites, such as eBay, sell gift cards to some of your favorite restaurants for a low cost—sometimes you can score a savings of 50 to 80 percent!

Get a to-go box

Don’t let large meals go to waste next time you dine out and bring any leftovers home. Having them for dinner the next evening or sharing them with a family member will automatically slash your meal cost in half.

Take advantage of social media

Follow your favorite restaurants’ social media accounts. Often, they will offer exclusive deals and savings to followers.

Use coupons

Your local newspaper doesn’t just contain coupons for grocery store items, but they also often contain coupons for local restaurants.

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