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Many people share the common goal of saving more money. It can seem difficult sometimes, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to take care of bills and expenses, but saving money doesn’t have to mean huge sacrifices or major budget modifications. Sometimes, just small lifestyle changes can help you to save a lot of money over the long-term. The following are some simple ways you can potentially save a lot of money:

Make a grocery shopping list and stick to it

You can’t get by without food, and if you’re in the habit of grocery shopping without a plan, you could be missing out on an incredibly simple way to save some big bucks over the long-term. First of all, you’ll want to make sure you always make a list and stick to it. Not only does this ensure that you don’t forget anything (and have to avoid an unnecessary trip to the grocery store the next day, which wastes time and gas money), but it can also help you avoid unwanted purchases, too. Just make your list and only go to the aisles for the items you need.

Coupons and sales

Whether it’s groceries or other items, coupon clipping can be a great way to save money on some of your favorite products, but if you don’t have the time or energy, at least try to take advantage of sales. Whenever there’s a non-perishable item on sale, for example, stock up if it’s something you know you’ll always need. You can also explore your other options for your favorite products, such as wholesale club memberships and even ordering certain things online. Just some minor adjustments in the way you shop can mean hundreds (or even thousands) saved throughout the year on some of your basic essential items.

Be energy efficient

Energy efficiency isn’t only good for the environment, but it can save you money as well, especially over time. If you have a long commute, consider switching to a fuel-efficient car or opting for public transportation if possible. If you live in a home with very old appliances, consider upgrading them, which can help you save big bucks on your utility bills. You’d be surprised at how some small changes can really add up—for example, even just sealing some of the cracks in your home’s windows and doors to ensure that it stays well-insulated during harsh weather conditions can help you save a lot.

Eliminate high-interest debt

If you have any high interest credit cards or loans that you’re carrying a balance on, consider putting a plan into action to pay it off sooner, rather than just making minimum payments. The more of that high-interest debt you can get rid of, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

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