Wedding planners share their biggest money-saving tip for couples

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Are you currently planning your wedding and looking to cut down on costs? We asked professionals working in the industry to share their number one money-saving tip for couples looking to plan their special day, but without breaking the bank:

Be picky with your guest list

“Keeping the guest count low is a great way to keep the overall budget low. If you wouldn’t take a couple out for appetizers, a nice steak dinner (including drinks and dessert), then I wouldn’t invite them to your wedding. Keep your guest list to close family and friends, and you will save yourself a lot of money to be used elsewhere at the wedding.” – Megan Clark, Clutch Events

Cut down on catering expenses

“The actual cost of catering is typically three or four times higher than what most couples expect it to be. Forgo a meal altogether by having a short cake-and-coffee reception. A buffet, or even a family-style setting, is always cheaper than plated meals. Choosing a reception venue with in-house catering can sometimes, but not always, save costs on catering. For super informal receptions, you can ask guests to bring a potluck dish to share in lieu of a gift. Lastly, to cut costs on the overall budget, seek caterers with free or cheap value-added services that will save you money in other areas of the budget, such as tableware, table linens, modest centerpieces, or discounts on bartending costs.” – Grace Holland, Event and Wedding Consultant, Salem Events

Time it right

“Plan your wedding in the off-season and/or on a day that is not a traditional wedding day. In the United States, most people will choose a Saturday for their wedding day. Venues and vendors will offer reduced pricing across the board in the off-season, or on a day of the week where they would not otherwise be booked. Planning your wedding for a Friday night, or better yet, weekday can save you thousands of dollars across the board!” – Carolyn O’Brien, Wedding Planner

Stick to a theme

“Stop looking on Pinterest once you have figured out your design for the day. The more you search for ideas, the more you will find DIY projects or little expensive decorative items from Etsy that you probably did not need.” – Becca Buck, Events With Becca

Be cautious

“Think and read before you sign anything; DO NOT make any quick purchases. Everyone can get all wrapped up in the excitement of planning the wedding, and if you don’t take time to think about how this one purchase will affect your entire budget, you could derail your budget.” – Lisa Marie, Events by Lisa Marie


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