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Are you in the market for a new cell phone? With some of the latest models available these days, a new cell phone purchase can easily set someone back a few hundred dollars—or even into the thousands. Replacing your cell phone doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and even if you’re looking to upgrade, there are still ways to save on this big purchase:

Sign a contract

One of the easiest ways to get a brand new cell phone for free (or much cheaper than retail) is to sign or renew a cell phone contract. If you’re currently locked into a contract, you’ll usually need to wait until it’s up for renewal, or opt out and sign one with a different cell phone provider with good incentives. Customers are often offered the cell phone upgrade of their choice for a great price, and if you don’t care about getting one with a lot of bells and whistles, you can probably get a basic cell phone at no extra cost. Just be sure that the contract you’re entering into offers fair and reasonable terms; you don’t want to sign a contract for the sole purpose of getting a cheap or free cell phone. If it’s with a cell phone provider you’ve always been using month-to-month anyway, the fees are fair and you’re happy with the service, entering into a contract could possibly be in your best interest if it helps you save on your cell phone purchase. If you’re shopping around for a new cell phone provider, be sure to take your time and compare offers and rates for all of your available options.

Look into older models

Upgrading your cell phone is one thing, but if you just need something that can make phone calls, an older cell phone model can do the job. If you’re open to the idea of older cell phone models, you’ll save a significant amount of money on your purchase. Even if you are upgrading, sometimes an older model can still be a step up from the phone you already have. Although it may not have the latest technology that the newest phones have, it can still be an improvement and for a fraction of the cost.

Explore your shopping options

Unless you’re signing or renewing a contract, buying a cell phone directly from your provider might not be your best option if you want to save money. There are a lot of other options, especially if you are okay with an older model or a gently used phone. You can often purchase used phones online, and even from other consumers on websites like Craigslist and eBay. If you prefer to do your shopping in person, you may be able to find a good deal on a cell phone at your local thrift store.

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