10 ways to cut down on restaurant spending, continued

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Although careless grocery store shopping can lead to excessive food spending, eating out is often the culprit. The following are some ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on your next meal out:

Have lunch instead of dinner

A lot of the same menu items that are offered during dinner hours might still be available on the lunch menu, but often will be a smaller portion and for a lower price. Your waistline and your wallet will thank you.

Stick to tap water

One of the fastest ways to drive up the total on your restaurant bill is with beverages, especially alcoholic ones. Instead, try to stick to tap water.

Limit your outings

This may be an obvious one, but limit the amount of times you dine out as much as possible; strive to save restaurant outings for special occasions only. Even fast food places and other eateries that are seemingly inexpensive can quickly add up in cost when compared the cost of purchasing food at the market, especially with repeated visits. In addition to having dinner at home, bring your lunch with you to work every day.

Don’t order what you can easily make yourself

Use the opportunity to treat yourself to something that you don’t know how to make on your own or that is too much trouble to make at home, as this convenience helps to contribute to the meal’s overall value. Otherwise, you’ll be paying a lot more money for something that you could easily recreate in your own kitchen, which can seem like more of a waste.

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