How to save money on a wedding, continued

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With some simple tips and tricks, there is no need to break the bank on that special day:

Flowers and decorations cost more than you may think

If you pick a place that already comes decorated and with flowers set up, you’ll save a bundle. Locations that might already have their own ambiance set in place and without needing a florist can include an art museum, garden, or home. Alternatively, you might want to consider doing your own flowers and decorations.

Do-it-yourself invitations

With technology constantly evolving, this is one expense that can potentially be avoided completely. Consider doing your own invitations on your home computer, and use the money you would’ve spent on them for a different part of the wedding.

Photographers and videographers can come cheap, or even free

Find someone just starting off that is looking to gain experience and build their portfolio. You’ll likely score a great deal!

Swap the live band for a DJ

A disc jockey is substantially less expensive than a live band, but can still offer a great deal of entertainment. For those needing to cut corners as much as possible, consider renting a speaker and amplifier and setting up a CD player or mp3 player.

Bar service adds up quickly

Restricting or completely eliminating a traditional open bar to one or two hours will easily reduce expenses. Alternative options include serving wine and beer only, or not having an open bar at all and just pouring a champagne toast. Depending on your state’s regulations and the rules enforced at your reception hall, if you are able to buy the alcohol yourself and then hire someone to serve and pour it, the savings potential is significant.

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Nothing above is meant to provide financial advice. You should meet with appropriate professionals for such services.

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