5 things you should never pay for

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Looking to save some extra money? Cutting down on services or eliminating purchases for items that you can get at no cost is one of the easiest ways to save a little more cash. The following are some examples of things that a lot of people pay for, but that you can get at no cost:

Annual credit report

You are entitled to check your credit report once a year at absolutely no cost. Many consumers, however, end up going to the wrong websites when it comes to accessing their free credit report. Many of these sites claim to offer free reports, but also require that people signing up supply their credit card information. Although you may be able to receive your credit report this way for free, you’ll also be charged a monthly fee if you don’t opt out soon enough. Avoid these sites altogether and simply go to annualcreditreport.com, the only website out there that is authorized and required to provide consumers with a free annual credit report with no strings attached. The only time you should pay for your credit report is if you need to access it again before the year is over—for example, if you just paid off a lot of debts and you’re about to apply for a mortgage loan, but you just want to make sure your payments have been posted and past due accounts have been updated.

Checking account

Are you currently paying a monthly maintenance fee just to have a basic checking account? If so, you may want to ditch your current bank and shop around for a new one. While maintenance fees aren’t that uncommon, there are also plenty of banking options out there that allow customers to open and maintain checking accounts at no cost. The only catch is that you may be required to keep your checking account balance above a certain amount at all times.


Expensive fitness classes and costly gym memberships aren’t the only way to get a good sweat in. Keeping up with your fitness doesn’t have to cost you a penny, in fact. Get your heart rate up by exploring all the different options that are available for completely free exercise. If the weather is nice, take your workout outside and go for a jog, hike, bike ride or a swim. If you need to do your exercising indoors, there are plenty of workouts you can put together that don’t require a single piece of equipment—squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, and the list goes on. If you need a little extra motivation and guidance, there are plenty of free workout classes and tutorials that you can stream via YouTube at no cost.

Cell phone

Many cell phone providers will offer free, older cell phones to customers who sign or renew a contract, so if you don’t need the latest technology and newest model, consider this if you’re looking to buy a cell phone. And if you’re paying for cell phone service anyway and you’re happy with the service and prices, you mine as well commit.

Books and DVDs

If you love reading and/or watching films, you could be spending more than you need to be on books and movies. Splurging for the newest releases every now and then is one thing, but when it comes to older films and books, there is no need to purchase them—these are two hobbies that don’t have to cost you a penny. Just head over to your local library and borrow them for free. Not only are libraries chock-full of books that appeal to all literature tastes, but many also offer a terrific movie selection.

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