How to make extra cash through secret shopping, continued

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Finding secret shopping companies

A quick Internet search for secret shopping companies will turn up thousands of results, and while a lot of them are actual opportunities, it’s important not to fall victim to a scam. First and foremost, a secret shopping company will never ask you for any amount of money. After all, they are paying you for your evaluations, so there is never a need to pay them. Before signing up with a company, do some research first to see if there are any complaints, or if they offer legitimate opportunities to other secret shoppers.


There is no limit as to how many secret shopping companies you can apply for—in fact, the more, the better, as you will have a lot more opportunities to choose from that way. Some application processes will be quite simple, whereas others can be rather time consuming. Most secret shopping companies, for the most part, want to know that their secret shoppers have decent writing skills. This is imperative for them because they will need well-written and detailed reports for their clients. Some secret shopping companies will also put you through a brief training period before you can be eligible for jobs.

Working as a secret shopper

Once you get approved (which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks), the way you’ll be able to select jobs will vary by secret shopping company. Others will allow you to self-assign right away, where others require that shoppers “apply” for a particular job they’re interested in. You’ll often receive ratings for your shop reports, and the better your rating is, the higher paying jobs you’ll be eligible for. If you continuously receive poor ratings or neglect to complete shops altogether, you may eventually be removed from the system.

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