7 ways using a grocery delivery service can help you save money

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These days, you can have just about anything delivered to you—even your groceries. Many people are reluctant to try out this service because they don’t want to deal with delivery fees or the overall higher cost of groceries. But even with these added expenses, in some situations, grocery delivery can help to save you money. Here’s how:

No transportation needed

Unless you live within walking distance of a grocery store, you will need to pay for some mode of transportation—whether it be in the form of public transportation costs or the overall cost of a car. If you drive to the grocery store—as most people tend to do—you have to not only factor in gas costs, but even just general wear and tear on your car. If you have to drive at least a half hour one-way to your nearest grocer, this will quickly take a toll on your vehicle, but even driving just a few extra miles every week will add up. But you don’t have to worry about any of this when you order your groceries online and have them delivered to you.

Impulse shopping

How many times have you walked into the grocery store with intentions of only getting a few items for the week, only to walk out with a cart full of things—many of which you never end up using or eating? With online grocery shopping, it’s much easier to curb impulse shopping.

Bulk purchases

Stocking up on an item that you frequently use can be a great way to save, but your local grocer may not offer the amount of bulk options that an online grocer might offer.


Not only do online grocers frequently offer exclusive store coupons that can be applied to online orders, but some will also accept manufacturer coupons.


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