How to make extra cash through secret shopping

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If you’re looking for some easy ways to make extra cash and you like to shop, why not try secret shopping? This is a completely legitimate and fun way to make money, and some people have even managed to turn it into their full-time job.

The way it works is this: retailers, restaurants, and hotels hire secret shopping companies in order to find out what’s really going on when customers visit and what kind of service they receive. Secret shopping companies need people just like you to be the fly on the wall for their clients.

Types of companies you might be evaluating

It really varies by secret shopping company. Some deal with a wide range of clients, while some might focus exclusively on a particular industry. You might evaluate the customer service you received a national department store, the service at a trendy restaurant, the test-driving experience at a car dealership or the overnight experience at a lavish hotel. Other common businesses that use secret shopping companies include salons, fast food chains, sporting equipment stores, office supply retailers, home improvement services, and much more.

Flat-fee compensation

Some assignments will pay out a flat-fee rate, and most of these don’t require a purchase on your part. Instead, they will require interactions with employees, and you’ll need to play out a certain scenario, keep track of names, and so on. Flat-fee compensation can range anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00, on average.

Reimbursement as compensation

If your evaluation requires that you spend money, for example—eat at a particular restaurant—your compensation will often be in the form of reimbursement. While this won’t necessarily make you money, it will save you from spending money on an item, service, or food that you may have otherwise purchased anyways.

A mix of both

Depending on the company and the specific assignment, it’s also common to be compensated in the form of monetary payment plus purchase reimbursement.


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