How to save money on shipping and handling costs

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Whether you own a business that involves shipping products, or you’re just selling some unwanted items in your home, you’re likely familiar with how shipping and handling costs can add up. But there are ways to cut down on these expenses, which include:

Comparing costs

There are several options when it comes to choosing a postal carrier—UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. Don’t just make a random selection if you’re looking to save money. Look at different factors when making you’re choice, such as where you’re shipping your packages and what items you’re shipping. Compare the shipping fees from the various available carriers to see which one offers the most cost-efficient option.

Paying in advance

You don’t always have to pay your postage fees at the post office. In fact, you can usually take care of your postage by paying in advance and online—all you’ll need to do is print a shipping label. Some postal carriers offer incentives to customers who pay online, such as discounted shipping fees. If you ship packages in bulk, the savings can be significant. As an additional bonus, paying in advance can save you from those trips to the post office, which is especially convenient if you live far from the closest location. Depending on the postal carrier you select, you can just put your printed shipping labels on your packages and give them to your post worker, leave them in your mailbox, or put them in a drop box.

Recycling packaging materials

If you order a lot of things, save as much of the packaging as you can for your own product shipments. By saving and recycling gently used boxes, packaging paper, bubble wrap, etc. you can cut down a lot on your fees.

Using a shipping scale

Knowing the exact shipping weight of your packages is important so you can accurately set your shipping rates. Otherwise, you could be overcharging and lose potential customers, or you might not charge enough and end up paying for the shipping costs on your own. You can use flat-rate packages and envelopes, which will ship for a fixed shipping rate, no matter what you can fit inside and regardless of the weight. On the other hand, you might want to invest in a small shipping scale so you can know the exact weight of what you’re shipping. The cheaper option will depend on what you’re shipping exactly, but if you’re shipping a lot of items and looking to keep costs down, you’ll want to leave both options open.

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