6 tips for negotiating a better price, continued

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The following are some tips for haggling and negotiating a better price:

Ask about floor models

A lot of national retail chains (well-known department and clothing stores, for example) have fixed prices on most of their merchandise, but you may have some wiggle room when it comes to floor models. 

Talk with a manager if all else fails

Begin by speaking with a salesperson. If he or she doesn’t have the authority to lower the price on a product, then ask if there is a manager available. Odds are, if there is a lower price available, the manager will be able to offer it on the spot.

Don’t be afraid to walk away

If you are unhappy with the final price and think you could get a better deal somewhere else, don’t be afraid to walk away. If the seller sees they’re about to lose a customer, they might stop you as you’re on your way out the door. Otherwise, you’ll want to leave your contact information behind, in case the seller changes his or her mind and is willing to offer you the price you wanted.

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