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  If you’re looking to establish your credit, one of the first steps that most people will take is to apply for a credit card. Applying for first your credit card can be exciting, but as someone who is unfamiliar with credit cards, it can also be easy to make mistakes during the process. Additionally, […]

There is so much that relies on that three-digit number that is known as your credit score. Poor credit can make it difficult to qualify for small loans, such as low-limit credit cards, or larger loans, such as mortgages. In some situations, poor credit can even affect certain job opportunities, and it can also affect […]

  Have you noticed that your credit score has dropped and you just can’t figure out why? Missing loan payments may be an obvious reason, but the following are some other reasons why your credit score may have suddenly dropped: Hard credit inquiries Applying for a line of credit—such as a credit card, mortgage, or […]

Here are some tips for asking your lenders to raise your limit if you’re ready to take on the financial responsibility of increased credit: Don’t ask for too much If you ask for too much of an increase, your account is likely to get flagged and you won’t get anything at all. It can be […]

If you’re establishing new credit or rebuilding your credit after years of a poor credit score, it’s likely that the credit card(s) you have also have a low limit. Some issuers will automatically increase your credit limit if you have a long history with them and you’ve been making timely payments. But if you haven’t […]

If your mortgage application was turned down, you may not understand or even find out why. It could be one reason or it could be multiple reasons, and this article highlights some of the main reasons that some applicants don’t receive mortgages. If you have yet to apply for a mortgage, but have been thinking […]

Because your credit is run and it is affected each time you apply for any type of loan, including a credit card, you want to ensure that you don’t waste an inquiry on a rejected application. Although there’s no surefire way to guarantee your credit application will be approved, there are ways to improve the […]