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Whether you want to transfer banks or you’re opening up your first bank account, the options can be daunting and you might not know where to begin. The following are some points to consider when making your selection: Convenience Choosing a bank that is convenient for you is an important factor to consider. The location, […]

Looking to save some extra money? Cutting down on services or eliminating purchases for items that you can get at no cost is one of the easiest ways to save a little more cash. The following are some examples of things that a lot of people pay for, but that you can get at no […]

  Closing costs are an unavoidable expense when it comes to buying a home, especially if you will be financing your home. With proper planning, you can potentially save hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars throughout the closing process. Some ways you can help keep your closing costs at a minimum include: Getting a Good Faith Estimate […]

If you’ve experienced the dreadful feeling of overdrafting, you know just how expensive that $5.00 coffee can really be. Overdrafting occurs when you make a charge to your checking account (for instance, with a debit card) and you don’t have the funds to cover this charge. When you have overdraft protection, the charge will go […]