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You have a job in order to make money—not to spend it. But there is a lot of work-related spending that is unavoidable, and although there might not be ways to get around it completely, you can cut down on some of these expenses with the following tips: Food Getting into the habit of bringing […]

  If you’re trying to cut down on living expenses, getting a roommate can be a great option. Because your rent will usually get split in half with a roommate (or more if you’re living with multiple roommates), you may be able to afford to live in a bigger place or otherwise unaffordable area. Aside […]

There are several ways to considerably cut down on commuting costs: Carpool Share rides with friends or family that work in the same area, or suggest a carpooling system to your co-workers. Carpooling can significantly lower your carbon footprint, save wear and tear on your car, and help to cut down on your fuel and […]

You have to get to work and back every day in order to make a living, and the last thing you want is a large chunk of your paycheck going towards commuting costs. Unless you live within walking distance of your place of employment, this is one expense that is unavoidable, but there are several […]