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Dining out can be expensive, and it can definitely add up. However, it is one of those expenses that can easily be adjusted, unlike fixed expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments. While completely eliminating restaurant visits isn’t always realistic, there are some simple ways to cut down on your dining out costs. Purchase gift […]

Bargain department stores Bargain department stores, such as Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, are notorious for stocking up on brand name clothing and for a fraction of the cost. Look for coupons The coupons found in your weekly newspaper aren’t just for food and household items—occasionally, clothing stores will also include coupons. Stock-up off-season It may […]

Did you know that the average monthly grocery bill for a family of four in the United States is $1,000? Although shopping for sale items and using coupons are great ways to lower this number, there are other ways that can save you even more. Next time you’re at the checkout line at your local […]

Grocery store purchases can be one of the largest expenses a family has to deal with month-to-month, but there are ways to save a bundle at your local market. When it comes to coupon collecting, good organization is key. Not having a good organization system can make it difficult to quickly locate coupons for a […]

Frugal is defined simply as “costing little.” Couponing is a must for those interested in saving money on things that are used in everyday life. There are a few main sources for coupons, but one of the main sources is the Sunday newspaper. The Sunday paper will contain bundles of manufacturer coupons, local store coupons, […]

Having a new baby can be such a joyous occasion. Although there are added expenses to consider whenever there is a new addition to the family, there are different ways to save money and cut down on expenses. Take advantage of free samples Free samples of formula, diapers, and other baby items are available if […]

4. Check for hidden costs: for example, a $2 coupon for Chinese food delivery may not be as cheap as ordering from a similar place or picking up the food yourself after factoring in delivery fees and gratuity. 5. Know the prices of the items you normally purchase when they aren’t on sale, and how this price […]

You might’ve seen it on television before: a coupon-savvy consumer manages to purchase thousands of dollars worth of groceries for little to no money. In some cases, they will actually receive money back due to overage—coupon credit that exceeds the total amount due. But is this really possible? Yes and no. While you may be […]