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Here are some tips for asking your lenders to raise your limit if you’re ready to take on the financial responsibility of increased credit: Don’t ask for too much If you ask for too much of an increase, your account is likely to get flagged and you won’t get anything at all. It can be […]

If you’re establishing new credit or rebuilding your credit after years of a poor credit score, it’s likely that the credit card(s) you have also have a low limit. Some issuers will automatically increase your credit limit if you have a long history with them and you’ve been making timely payments. But if you haven’t […]

You may incur two different penalties on just one late payment The Card Act was passed in 2009 to help people better understand their credit card charges. The act put restrictions on the amount that lenders could charge for late payments, but there are no set rates for penalty fees. If you’re late with a […]

Whether you already have credit cards or you’re offered one by a lender, there are certain things that many credit card companies keep somewhat concealed from their customers. These hidden bits of information can be tremendously helpful in lowering your interest rate, penalties, and overall monthly payments. Credit cards with fixed interest rates can still […]

When it comes to using credit cards, there are certain moves that are best avoided, because they can end up backfiring and working against you in the end. The following are four credit card mistakes that could cost you in the long run: Bouncing credit card balances from one card to another Balance transfer offers, […]