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Nobody ever really expects to lose their wallet or have it stolen, but alas, it does happen. Misplacing a wallet or purse can be very frustrating, but the last thing you want is to lose things that can make the situation much worse. You may not think twice about having the following things on you […]

Debt can usually be classified as either unsecured or secured. Whether you’re just establishing your credit for the first time, or you’re working on a plan to eliminate current debts, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the two: Secured debts Secured debts are loans that are secured by assets, which is also known as […]

       There are some common misunderstandings when it comes to credit, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the different information that is out there. If you are just establishing your credit for the first time, it can be especially unclear as to what’s factual and what isn’t. This article debunks some […]

Protecting your valuables is important no matter where you go, but you can be especially vulnerable when you’re visiting new territory that you’re completely unfamiliar with. Losing your money or getting robbed while traveling can quickly ruin your vacation, and can also leave you in a very difficult situation. Take proper precautions by protecting your […]

Currency exchange is usually unavoidable when you’re traveling to a different country. Because there are so many countries that don’t accept the United States Dollar, and many vendors and retailers only accept cash, you’ll need to exchange money. Depending on how much you plan on spending, where you’re going, and how long you’ll be traveling […]

   With the number of consumers in debt growing at an alarming rate, it is no surprise that there a lot of different reasons for getting into such a dilemma to begin with. The cause is usually much more complex than simply not having enough money to pay bills. The following are some common reasons […]

  When you’re in college, it can be easy to overlook the financial aspects. But as a young adult that is just starting out in the real world, it’s vital to know that certain choices will help to build a financial foundation for several years to come. A couple financial blunders in your late teens […]

Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. Depending on the extra fees, you may either want to shop around for a different product or service, or there might be an error that you need to […]

  If you pay your bills each month without looking at the individual charges, or make purchases without reading the fine print, you might be paying extra for additional (or hidden) fees. Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly […]

With just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, you can order just about anything from around the world, even in the middle of the night while you’re hanging out at home in your PJ’s. The wonders of e-commerce allow for an easy, convenient shopping experience in the virtual world. Here are some […]