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Treating yourself occasionally is one thing, but are you alarmed by how much you spend every time you shop? If you find yourself always spending a lot more than you originally meant to, just about every time you shop, you may be an impulse spender. Here are some tips for putting an end to that […]

Cell phone plans Average monthly cost: $47.00 Cheaper alternative: Canceling your cell phone is probably not even an option (unless you’re almost always home and you have a landline, then you might want to debate whether you should keep your landline and get rid of your cell). But there’s a good chance you’re paying for […]

There are certain services you may be paying for each month without giving it much thought. But if you’re looking to save money and cut down on expenses, consider the cheaper alternatives to some of the monthly services you might be paying for. Gym memberships Average monthly cost: $55.00 Cheaper alternative: Take the money you’re […]

Celebrating your child’s birthday is a joyous occasion and precious milestone, but a restrictive budget doesn’t mean that you can’t throw an unforgettable birthday party that they’ll absolutely love. The following are some ways to throw a fun child’s birthday without spending a fortune: Invitations Postal mail invitations do have a nice touch, but the […]

Here are some ways to cut down on your dry cleaning expenses: Ask about discounts Some dry cleaners may have certain discounts in place that are not openly advertised. Ask your local dry cleaner if they offer any types of discounts. As mentioned above, some will offer a percentage off your entire dry cleaning bill […]

Do you gasp each time you pick up your dry cleaning and you’re given the total for the bill? Sometimes, dry cleaning just cannot be avoided—not only may you own pieces that could be destroyed if you wash them on your own, but maintaining a professional appearance is often more convenient through the use of […]

With so many brand name items also having cheaper, non-brand alternatives available, you may have wondered when you should opt for the generic brand in order to save. It sometimes varies by opinion and taste, but some generic items that are often exactly the same as their costlier brand name options include: Over-the-counter medications While […]

Going to the movie theater to see the latest release may not seem like an expensive outing, but with the continuous increase in concession items and movie theater tickets, it’s an expense that can quickly accumulate. The following are some ways to cut down on those costs: Discounts Find theaters in your area that offer […]

Is your monthly water bill a little higher than you’d like it to be? There are some easy ways that you can reduce your water intake and help to lower your monthly water expenses. The shower Begin by swapping out baths (which use approximately 35 gallons) for showers, and shorten your shower time, too. The […]

Cutting out all optional purchases and entertainment costs may be the ultimate way to save money, but sometimes it’s not always realistic. However, there are some compromises you can make that can easily slash your monthly entertainment expenses. Evaluate your spending habits Before cutting out some things and reducing others, you’ll need to find out […]