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Nobody ever really expects to lose their wallet or have it stolen, but alas, it does happen. Misplacing a wallet or purse can be very frustrating, but the last thing you want is to lose things that can make the situation much worse. You may not think twice about having the following things on you […]

Protecting your valuables is important no matter where you go, but you can be especially vulnerable when you’re visiting new territory that you’re completely unfamiliar with. Losing your money or getting robbed while traveling can quickly ruin your vacation, and can also leave you in a very difficult situation. Take proper precautions by protecting your […]

Software can be pricy, and for that reason, some people don’t bother with installing anti-virus protection on their computers. But protecting the information on your computer is very important, especially if you have any financial information stored, if you pay any of your bills online, or if you ever do any online shopping. But who […]

  Whenever you use your credit or debit card at a retailer, you put that information at risk should there ever be a data breach. One recent example of a major data breach that made headlines was the Target data breach, when information was stolen from at least 40 million customers. What can you do […]

Many people don’t think twice about using their debit card to pay for a restaurant bill. But should you avoid doing so and use an alternative form of payment? A common practice in other countries is for servers to bring portable credit card machines right to the table so that the card never leaves the […]

With no interest rates or credit card fees to worry about, it seems that using a debit card is the ideal way to shop online, but this could actually be an unsafe practice. Disadvantages of debit card use online include: Merchant disputes If you are unsatisfied with your merchandise or something goes wrong, you will […]

Once someone finds out that they have targeted in a case of identity theft, they use some of the tips listed above to prevent any further damage to their credit record, and to hopefully reverse some of the credit damage that has already been done. Alas, not all cases of identity theft are resolved easily, […]

Identify theft can be a frightening thing. Not only can it leave a victim feeling totally violated, but it can destroy the person’s credit score as well. The harmful effects of identity theft can make it problematic to open new lines of credit, such as a credit card, car loan, or mortgage. Beyond credit issues, […]