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Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting time, but it is also important to discuss the financial aspects of this huge decision. Before you actually move in together, it is important to have the following money talks in order to ensure you’re both on the same page and to avoid any unwanted […]

Retirement planning can be a stressful, but exciting time in someone’s life. By being financially prepared, though, the process can be a simple one. This post outlines some ways to help ensure a financially-secure retirement, whether it’s right around the corner or years away. Choose a date Every year, this would be the date that […]

Soon-to-be parents should be prepared for all the expenses that are associated with having a baby. In fact, statistics show that although 76 percent of those expecting feel financially prepared, 41 percent end up admitting that they weren’t as prepared as they initially thought. This article will break down the various costs, including clothing, care, furniture, medical […]