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  If you’re trying to save money, you’ve likely limited (or maybe even put an end to) going out and having fun. After all, fun costs money—even just a little bit—right? Not necessarily. If you need some inspiration for fun, free things to do this weekend, here are some ideas: Visit your local library Visiting […]

Reading is a great hobby to have, but the cost of new books can quickly add up. Who says reading has to be expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Instead of heading to the bookstore and purchasing your next book, try some of the following tips for getting free books:  Get a library card Your […]

Here are some tips for turning a hobby into a moneymaker: Be willing to sell Unless you plan on hiring salespeople, you will need to sell your own product or service. This doesn’t necessarily mean cold calling or going from door to door, but you must somehow make yourself known to your target audience. A […]

It may just be something you enjoy doing in your spare time, but you may be able to turn that hobby of yours into a career. Whether you’re hoping to turn a hobby into a full-time business or just something on the side that can make you some extra cash, here are some tips for […]