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If you’ve been trying to find a saving and budgeting method that works for you, give the 50/30/20 plan a try. This is a common budgeting strategy that is designed to split up your income in three different ways, putting the perfect amount towards your needs, wants, and savings. The 50 percent Half of your […]

  While an extended warranty may be worth buying in certain circumstances the following are some reasons why an extended warranty may never be worth the extra money:  The value for certain items will depreciate Let’s say, for example, you buy an entertainment system for $200, and opt for an extended one-year warranty at an […]

When making a big purchase, you’re likely to be asked if you’d be interested in purchasing the extended warranty. An extended warranty is like investing in an additional insurance policy to protect your purchase, but the question is, is it worth the investment? This is often just a matter of personal preference, and while an […]

If you’re sticking to a strict budget, but you also want to take advantage of a terrific sale or nab an item while it’s still available, layaway might be a great option. Many stores offer layaway services, which allow consumers to place an item on hold and make payments until it is paid off. Once […]

It can be easy to overlook the simple things. But sometimes, it’s the simple things that can really cost you more in the long run. The following are some common mistakes that consumers frequently make. Assuming that if an item is on sale or clearance, it must be a good deal This is not necessarily […]

Finding just the right present for a loved one (and at the right price) can sometimes be challenging. It’s not only the holiday season in December that can be financially draining, but studies show that other holidays throughout the year (such as Mother’s Day, Easter and Valentine’s Day) can all be very expensive. Because there […]

Ever hear the saying that you get what you pay for? There is nothing wrong with trying to cut corners where you can, but there are certain things that you shouldn’t skimp on if possible, and quality should be more important than price. Additionally, there are some purchases that you may just hold out on altogether for […]