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Whether you want to transfer banks or you’re opening up your first bank account, the options can be daunting and you might not know where to begin. The following are some points to consider when making your selection: Convenience Choosing a bank that is convenient for you is an important factor to consider. The location, […]

  When faced with a lot of debt and the desire to start off with a clean slate, many consumers will decide to file for bankruptcy as a last resort. However, not everyone is eligible for bankruptcy and for some filers, their cases are dismissed, and their debts are not discharged. Although bankruptcy dismissals can […]

    Are your student loan payments becoming so overwhelming, that you’re beginning to fall behind? Student loans usually need paid back in full, but there is something called debt forgiveness, which can allow eligible borrowers to have all or a portion of their debt discharged. The following are some ways you may be able to […]

If you’re trying to bounce back from a bad credit score, you may have heard that responsibly using a credit card is one of the best ways to help build your credit back up. But if you’re like a lot of people who are trying to improve their credit, you may want to just avoid […]

  Have you noticed that your credit score has dropped and you just can’t figure out why? Missing loan payments may be an obvious reason, but the following are some other reasons why your credit score may have suddenly dropped: Hard credit inquiries Applying for a line of credit—such as a credit card, mortgage, or […]

A traditional mortgage payment will consist of both principal and interest, whereas an interest-only payment won’t count towards your principal. This is sometimes an attractive option for first-time homebuyers that otherwise can’t afford their mortgage payments, or are looking to cut down on costs.   The most common types of interest-only mortgages don’t give borrowers […]

If you’ve fallen behind on your credit card payments, you’re not alone. Even if the minimums are somewhat low, having multiple accounts with bills coming in month after month can eventually be overwhelming. You may miss a few bills here and there, and then before you know it, the costs have added up and you’re […]

If you’re thinking about buying a home and you’ve been exploring mortgage options, you’ve probably heard the term PMI.   PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. This is a fee that you may have to pay as part of your mortgage, and it is usually rolled into your monthly payments. The amount that you might […]

Do you stick to just cash when it comes to purchases? You may want to re-think your method of spending the next time you’re shopping. The use of debit cards and credit cards can offer a great deal of benefits and perks that won’t come with using cash. Protection for your transactions When you use […]

If you have the money to invest into something, real estate can be a good choice. Like with any other investment, however, here is always some risk involved. If you have been thinking about investing in property, here are some risks that you face and ways to lower them.   In the beginning stages, you […]