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There are so many different reasons why saving up money for a rainy day is always a good idea. This money can help keep you afloat and allow you to pay your bills and expenses should an emergency situation ever come up. If you’ve put off saving, consider some of the following top reasons why […]

  Have you been dreaming about retiring early? Even if think you’re almost ready financially and mentally to retire before the average retirement age of 62, the decision to quit the working world should be carefully considered. Although there are many advantages to retiring early, you’ll also want to think about the negatives as well, […]

When it comes to health insurance, it can be very overwhelming to make a decision, especially with all the options out there. You may decide to purchase a plan independently, through, or you may opt for the health insurance coverage offered by your employer. Even then, it can seem like there is an endless […]

   With the number of consumers in debt growing at an alarming rate, it is no surprise that there a lot of different reasons for getting into such a dilemma to begin with. The cause is usually much more complex than simply not having enough money to pay bills. The following are some common reasons […]

  Whether you’re already medically insured or you’re shopping around for a health insurance plan, it’s important to know what your policy does and does not cover. While it does vary by specific plan and insurance carrier, the following are some of the medical services that are usually not covered by health insurance: Dental care […]

  Most people rely on the income from their jobs to take care of bills and other necessities. But certain illnesses, accidents, and disabilities can make it difficult, or even impossible, to work. Disability insurance is meant to provide protection in case something like that were to happen, and many people have found their disability […]

Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. Depending on the extra fees, you may either want to shop around for a different product or service, or there might be an error that you need to […]

  If you pay your bills each month without looking at the individual charges, or make purchases without reading the fine print, you might be paying extra for additional (or hidden) fees. Even if your bills are automated, it’s beneficial to take a look at them now and then to make sure you know exactly […]

Many of us depend on prescription drugs to some degree, whether it’s medications that make certain conditions more bearable, or medications that are needed in order to stay alive. Without health insurance, paying out-of-pocket for necessary medications can be a hardship because of their expense. While many prescription drugs carry some sort of jaw-dropping price […]

There is a direct correlation between how high your deductible is and your premium. You will pay a lower monthly payment if the insurance company accepts less financial liability for your health expenses, and vice versa. When you’re healthy, young, and cash is tight, think about paying a lower monthly payment in exchange for a […]