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Monthly home loan payments are made up of a few different costs, and for many people, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is one of these costs. Lenders include PMI as part of the monthly payments as a way to protect themselves, in case the borrower ever falls behind on payments. PMI is usually required for all […]

  Closing costs are an unavoidable expense when it comes to buying a home, especially if you will be financing your home. With proper planning, you can potentially save hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars throughout the closing process. Some ways you can help keep your closing costs at a minimum include: Getting a Good Faith Estimate […]

Have you always wondered about the costs that make up a mortgage payment? This article helps break down the average monthly mortgage payment; this information can be helpful in determining how much house you can afford or how much of a down payment you should try to come up with. Principal Part of your mortgage […]