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  Whether for yourself or your children, a Halloween costume can be an expensive purchase—especially when you consider that it’s something you’ll likely just wear once. But dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank. The following tips can help you save money on this year’s Halloween costume: Make your own costume Designing […]

For many college students moving out on their own, living in a dorm room isn’t their first choice. And depending on the school and the area, dormitory rent can sometimes be higher than traditional rental housing. But as a college student with little to no reliable income, finding affordable off-campus housing can still be stressful, […]

   Whether your current lease is almost up and you want a new beginning, or you’re just moving out for the first time, you have a lot of options when it comes to rental housing. As you look through rental ads, you’ll likely notice some that are advertised as furnished. But is it worth renting […]

Subletting your apartment, or renting it out to someone else while you’re still in the middle of your lease, can be a good solution if you suddenly need to move. If you’re unable to end your lease early, breaking it can result in serious consequences. You may lose your security deposit, last month’s rent, and […]

Depending on your landlord, you may be required to purchase a rental insurance policy prior to signing your lease. There are various types of renters insurance available, and some people choose to purchase some form of protection, even if it’s not required of them to do so. It may be a small investment upfront, but […]

Being approved from a private renter isn’t always so easy if your credit is poor. Not only might the landlord have his or her own criteria when it comes to a tenant’s credit history, but the Homeowners Association (HOA) may have to approve of the tenant as well, assuming the landlord’s home is located in […]

When you rent a home, you basically have two options: renting from a community that is overseen by a property manager, which can sometimes be part of a much bigger company, or renting a home from a private owner. Both have their positives and negatives, and this will article will point out the pluses and […]