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If you’re looking to save more money, try spending it—but in the right ways. It may seem a bit contradicting, but there are certain times when spending some money can actually help you save more overall: Staple pieces for your wardrobe A stylish, high-quality wardrobe that is modestly priced is certainly doable, but sometimes investing […]

4. Check for hidden costs: for example, a $2 coupon for Chinese food delivery may not be as cheap as ordering from a similar place or picking up the food yourself after factoring in delivery fees and gratuity. 5. Know the prices of the items you normally purchase when they aren’t on sale, and how this price […]

You might’ve seen it on television before: a coupon-savvy consumer manages to purchase thousands of dollars worth of groceries for little to no money. In some cases, they will actually receive money back due to overage—coupon credit that exceeds the total amount due. But is this really possible? Yes and no. While you may be […]