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There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to quit their job: perhaps they want to find a better opportunity, start their own business, or stay at home to spend time with their kids. If you’ve seriously contemplated quitting your job, consider the following first: Finances One of the biggest things you need […]

Now that you’ve started your new business and decided on a name, it’s time to officially register it. How can you decide which type of business structure is right for your company? Here are the common choices: Partnership As the name suggests, a partnership is a business with more than one owner. There are different […]

Here are some tips for turning a hobby into a moneymaker: Be willing to sell Unless you plan on hiring salespeople, you will need to sell your own product or service. This doesn’t necessarily mean cold calling or going from door to door, but you must somehow make yourself known to your target audience. A […]

It may just be something you enjoy doing in your spare time, but you may be able to turn that hobby of yours into a career. Whether you’re hoping to turn a hobby into a full-time business or just something on the side that can make you some extra cash, here are some tips for […]

Starting a new company involves careful planning, making key economical decisions and executing a series of steps. The following tips can help you easily plan, prepare and manage your new company. Step 1: Create a business plan The first step is to make a business plan that will detail how you will begin and run […]